How do I add a matter?
1. Select 'Add Matter'.
2. Type in the clients name into the search box. If the name appears below highlight the name and click 'Next'.
3. Fill in the information below.

1. Select the billing method and add retainer if necessary.
2. Add Statute of Limitations if there is one.
3. Add the amount of money to be deposited into your trust account.
4. Add your related contacts.
5. Select the users that can see this matter.
6. Select 'Done'.
How do I run an invoice for a single matter?
1. Navigate to the matter and click on the $ amount below 'Pending Invoicing'.
2. Click on 'Invoice'.
(To edit billable entries prior to running an invoice, simply click on 'Edit' to the right of the item you need to revise, make your change and click 'OK'. Then you will return to this page and will be able to continue running the invoice.)
3. Click on 'Next'.
4. Select 'Pre-bill' or 'Invoice' and select the format you would like. Finally click on 'Next'.
5. Select how you would like to transfer your trust account funds and click 'Next'.
6. Click on 'Process Invoice(s)'
7. Click on the invoice link and the invoice will be sent to the downloads on your local computer.
8. Click on the invoice in your downloads to print and send out to your client.
How do I change the firm's name and or address on the invoices?
1. Click on 'Contacts'.
2. Navigate to the firm record in the Proud Legal contact manager.
3. Edit the contact record and click 'OK'.
How do I change my password?
1. Click on 'Admin'.
2. Select 'Manage Users'.
3. Click your name or the pencil icon.
4. Type the new password, confirm it and click 'Ok' to save the changes.
How do I cancel my Proud Legal subscription?
The safety of your data and keeping client information confidential is our highest priority, which is why a telephone conversation is required to ensure that you are authorized for the deletion of this data. This requirement for a live call is specified in our Subscriber Agreement. Please contact us as soon as possible at 9716942942, and press prompt 1 to speak with any of our Customer Care Specialists. If you are unable to reach someone, leave a message and we will call you back within 24 hours.
How do I delete an invoice?
1. Starting at the Matter Dashboard and click the $ Amount under 'Matter Ledger Balance'.
2. Click on 'Delete'.
How do I add an event to my calendar?
1. Click on 'Add Event'.
2. Completely fill out all necessary fields.

1. Event description - If you are billing for the time in the event this description will appear exactly as typed on the invoice description line. (This can be edited later)
2. Time - The time that will be dedicated for the event.
3. Enter a client or a matter - If the event pertains to a matter be sure to fill this line in or you will not be able to add billable time to the event.
4. Location - (optional) This can be added if you need to add an address.
5. Notes - (optional) The notes box is an open text box available to add information that you think the attendees might find valuable.
6. Event Owner -This can be anyone who has a Proud Legal login and password. If you need to create an event for someone else simply remove your name in the event owners box and add the correct name.
7. Attendees - Other members of your firm with a Proud Legal login and password can be added as attendees. Clicking on 'add another' will allow you to add additional attendees. Checking the 'Bill' box indicates you wish to capture this as billable time.
8. Repeat an Event - This section will allow you to add recurring events
9. Remind Participants - Using this feature will send a pop up reminder to all participants. This reminder will appear in a pop up box on the participants desk top as long as Proud Legal is open.
10. OK/Cancel - Once the event page has been completed click on ok to add the event to the Proud Legal calendar.

3. If an event is associated with a matter you will also have the option to add and view documents, emails and tasks from here.
How do I export all of my Rocket Matter contacts?
1. Click on 'Admin' on your user dashboard.
2. Select "Export Contacts"
3. Choose CSV or vCard from the Drop down. Click Export.